Dr Weils Carp Skin Dr Weils Carp Skin A revolutionary product, Carp Skin is set to find a place in every anglers tackle box. This antibacterial aerosol spray- on film skin is designed to seal wounds to provide an effective barrier against infection quickly and effectively. Very resilient in water, a spray of Carp Skin will quickly dry to protect a hookhole, lifted scale or body damage while at the same time preventing the ingress of water so allowing the antibacterial properties to work for much longer periods and offer increased and more thorough healing. The advantage of a spray applicator is that there is less handling of the fish and a much reduced chance of cross contamination due to it being an aerosol. Some human-use anti bacterial products contain steroids which may prove harmful to fish if they get into the bloodstream. Carp Skin contains no steroids so there is no possible risk to fish. Supplied in handy 32.5ml spray cans, Carp Skin is quick to apply and offers comprehensive protection and peace of mind. Dr Weils Hand Sanitiser  Dr Weils Carp Skin Stalker Smock Ponchos  Realtree Xtra Sunglasses Accessories Rubberised Stealth Range