Dr Weils Dr Weils Hand Sanitiser Each 100ml bottle gives 600 applications which means complete protection for less than 1 pence a squirt! Weils Disease (pronounced `veals`), otherwise known as leptospirosis, is a serious and sometimes fatal infection that is mainly transmitted to humans through water contaminated by infected rat urine usually via cuts, opens wounds and oral ingestion. Anyone who spends time at or on the water is at a higher risk of contracting this horrible disease so anglers, canoeists, kayakers, sailors, swimmers and even the dog walker throwing a stick into the water for their pet need to protect against the bacteria. Take a second to think of the amount of times during a day when you may come into contact with potentially contaminated water. Unhook a fish, quick wipe of the hands then have a bite to eat, bacteria can enter internally and cause upset stomachs or worse. Washing with soap or using conventional hand sanitizers offers no protection. Dr Weils is scientifically proven to target and kill the bacteria responsible for leptospirosis. Supplied in 100ml spray top bottles it is a non alcohol based odourless liquid which makes it perfect for anglers who do not wish to taint the smell of their baits. Just two squirts onto the palms and rubbed in every couple of hours will give complete protection. Every water user needs to be aware of the dangers of Weils Disease, every water user needs to carry a bottle of Dr Weils. It could save your life. Dr Weils kills the following bacteria: Leptospirosis, Avian Influenza (Bird Flu), Influenza virus, Gastro-Enteritis, E-Coli and Listeria Streptococci. The incubation period for Weils can vary from a few days to a few weeks. The beginnings are fatigue, nausea, severe headaches, muscle pains and red eyes. Body temperature can rise to 39C. Skin rashes are common, with occasional hallucinations. Severe cases report mouth, eye and internal haemorrhaging. Organ damage is significant and rapid, kidney and liver failure can occur within ten days. The only course of action is hospitalization with dialysis and antibiotics. Recovery can take months. Peace of mind for only £4.95 (+£1.95 shipping UK) Dr Weils Hand Sanitiser  Dr Weils Carp Skin Stalker Smock Ponchos  Realtree Xtra Sunglasses Accessories Click image to see point of sale Rubberised Stealth Range